• COVID-19 Vaccinations Update
    All International Assumption University Students are encouraged to contact their respective embassies to register for COVID-19 Vaccinations
    For Embassies contact, please click    

  • Update on Covid 19 Vaccinations for Assumption University students
    All Assumption University students are encouraged to follow AU SPARK announcements from 09:00 am on June 17 June 2021

  • COVID-19 Vaccinations for Chinese Nationals in Thailand 
    All AU Chinese Students are requested to register for COVID-19 Vaccinations at the following weblink http://www.chinaembassy.or.th/chn/gdxw/t1875784.htm

  • Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Read More

  • Re-entry Protocol Information from The Office of International Affairs, Assumption University of Thailand

    preparing to return to ThailandDear International Faculty members, Students and well wishers:

    We at the Office of International Affairs wish and hope that everyone is safe and keeping well under the circumstances.
    For those of you preparing to return to Thailand, we would like to provide some insights and inputs from two Thai Authority Sources:

    1. The Thai CDC, The Royal Thai Ministry of Public Health

    2. Updates on International Arrivals into Thailand

    Please update your information on Thailand as often as you can.

    But more than all, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF WELL!!! 

  • The Immigration Protocol for Entry

    The Immigration Protocol for Entry

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs