At an online orientation Microsoft Teams meeting with freshmen students of the Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics in Semester 1/2021 on August 16, 2021 at 16:30 hrs, the Director of the Office of International Affairs on behalf of the President- Rector Magnificus welcomed new students in the Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics and outlined elements of academic life, expectations and desired outcomes for the students, while encouraging them to master digital skills and the English language which would be necessarily required competencies for the 21st Century beyond the persisting Covid 19 Pandemic.

The Director was joined by the Associate Dean and the Key Academic Advisors of the Faculty who shared with the students details of the course components and Important advising dates for the current semester. On hand was also the Student President of the International Student Groups, representing the AUSO who shared some ideas and upcoming activities for the Freshmen students.

In an interface session prior to closing the meeting, the Director answered questions about the possible opening the campuses for classes, the Covid 19 Vaccinations for Assumption University students and the Thai Government’s policy on financial assistance for Thai nationals as a mitigation measure for the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic in Thailand.