Under the auspices of the United Nations and inspired by His Holiness Pope Francis


Dedicated to the all people of the World with goodwill, at the First Celebration of the International Day of Fraternity

From the ashes of emaciation and pain

Rises a new world, built meaningfully on a plain

Arm in arm humankind worked on the plan

To effectuate love and companionship across earth’s span

Erecting homes for neighbors notwithstanding color or race

Resurrecting hope in environment, economy and every place

Now and here the Utopian ideal made real with grace

Infinitesimal humankind’s crown of fraternity, keeps nobility apace

Truth restored in humankind’s genuine generosity

Yields anthems of succor to quell ugly temerity

Ameliorating greed, pride and all falsity

Citizens of our common home, embrace unity

As such fraternity boldly stands with solidarity

To brighten the annals of the twenty first century




The Office of International Affairs

Assumption University of Thailand

February 4, 2021