On August 7, 2021 in the morning, on behalf of Rev. Brother Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, the President-Rector Magnificus of Assumption University of Thailand, Mr. Glen Chatelier the Director of the Office of International Affairs greeted, welcomed and encouraged the International students in the Graduate programs offered by the Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics in semester 1/2020.

The Director profiled the 52-year history of Assumption University of Thailand as a case of a knowledge intensive institution, espousing Christian values, international in its focus of disciplines of study, Faculty and students and encouraging dialogs of diversity and cultural enhancement.

The other objective of the meeting was to update the scholars on the Covid 19 Pandemic situation in Thailand, and to offer the students advise and encouragement to focus on their studies, while skilling themselves with cyber technology and deep specialization of their scientific endeavors.