The Director of the Office of the Office of International Affairs welcomed Freshmen Students of the Louis Nobiron School of Music at Assumption University of Thailand on behalf of the President-Rector Magnificus on August 18, 2021 via a Microsoft Teams meeting. The Dean and one of the lecturers also participated in the meeting.

Outlining the University’s history, and intrinsic Catholic values the Director, encouraged all students to leverage on their music skills to deepen their cybernetic capabilities as the post-Covid 19 Pandemic world would need professionals with linguistic, knowledge specialization and cyber-connectivity to either lead or serve in organizations. Moreover, Ethics, discipline and creative thinking would be essential to any field of entrepreneurship or profession, and Assumption University of Thailand encourages all its students to learn and apply skills in their undergraduate study programs.

Students had questions on the visa process, and on when classes would be offered on campus. The Director provided them appropriate answers to their satisfaction.